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"Authentic Excellence for Organizations" Creating Flourishing "&" Cultures

Authentic Excellence for Organizations explores organizational culture from a values-based perspective and applies the psychological principles of values-based flourishing to organizations. Integrating the principles of Giving Voice to Values (GVV) and Authentic Excellence (AX), this book provides a process that details how organizations can harness their team's inherent wisdom to flourish through the relentless pace and pressure of today's world.

Moving beyond team-building strategies and programming, this book helps develop confidence in managing the tensions inherent in organizations.

Authentic Excellence for Organizations explores:

  1. The difference between moral values and personal values.
  2. How both can be effectively expressed and managed in organizations.
  3. The possibilities of shifting from a fear-based culture of "Or" to an inclusive and values-centred culture of "&".
  4. How to practically create flourishing "&" cultures using the GVV model. How to create an organizational culture that effectively sustains "&s" like competitive & collaborative, productive & fulfilled, and innovation & tradition.

This book is intended for organizational leaders, members, and HR managers looking to develop strong and thriving teams. It also aligns with required or recommended reading for secondary or undergraduate courses that explore values, leadership, organizational development and performance, decision making, ethics, and entrepreneurship.