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The Life Values Inventory Online is divided into 5 steps. Steps 1-3 take approximately 10 minutes to complete each step. Steps 4-5 provide information about your values and how to optimally express them.

The program is designed for your convenience so that you can work through it in one or multiple sittings. You can sign out at any time (even in the middle of a session) and when you return, you'll have the ability to resume where you left off.

The Life Values Inventory Online is intended to be comprehensive and thought-provoking. It's important to take the assessment with minimal distractions and when you don't feel rushed.

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Step 1 What currently guides your behavior?

Values are beliefs that influence people's behavior and decision making. The first step contains a list of beliefs that guide people's decisions, motivations and behavior.

You will identify how often each belief currently guides your behavior.

Step 2 Clarifying Your Values

The importance you place on a value may or may not match your actions.

In the second step you will choose one of four categories that best describes the relationship between the importance you place on a value and how much attention (time and energy) you give to it.

Step 3 Values & Life Roles

We express our values through our roles in life. Most people divide their time and energy into three major life roles:

  1. Work/Academics
  2. Important Relationships
  3. Leisure and Community Activities

In the third step (and the last where you will enter information) you will select the role(s) where you want to express each value.

Step 4 Your Values Profile

The Values Profile is the product of your work from the first three steps.

Step 4 spans three pages. The first two, "Understanding Your Results" and "Values & Life Roles" present you with the results from the first three steps along with detailed information about each of the 14 positive life values. The third page, "Strategies for Optimal Expression of Values" provides 5 strategies that are designed to help your values serve as an authentic source of motivation and fulfillment.

Step 5 Values & Flourishing

Step 5 begins the shift from values clarification to personal development

We've created material to watch and to read which explain, in depth, how to apply your results intentionally and effectively.

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