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Comments about the LVI program from participants and professionals

I've found the LVI to be an incredibly useful tool in my work with college students. We find that most students never really consider the importance of values in shaping their choices, even though our society sends young people a lot of messages about what they 'should' value. The LVI is the catalyst to a deliberate dialogue with our students about how values affect every part of their college experience and beyond. It gets them thinking about their goals and motivations in a brand new way.

—Kambra K. Bolch, J.D.Associate Vice Provost, Texas Tech University

The LVI helped me identify my life. For the first time, it gave me words to define my values and priorities in a clear, comprehensive way. After taking the inventory, I became more aware of the fact that most of the external conflicts in my life surfaced when my values and priorities were unbalanced. It was the best hour and a half I spent as an undergraduate. I learned how to study myself. I continue to apply the lessons that I learned from the inventory and workshop everyday. I am a true believer of the LVI and would recommend anyone to go through this unforgettable experience.

—Cosmo FujiyamaPresident and co-founder of Students Helping Honduras

The LVI is a great tool for helping individuals and teams understand the relationship between values and behavior. The LVI is grounded in theory and the research literature but has a very intuitive and practical feel. In addition to employing the LVI to enhance team cultures, I routinely use the instrument and materials to reassess my own values and the effectiveness of my own blueprint in my life roles. I believe that the LVI holds much potential for overall performance and health of individuals, families and communities.

—Charles J. Hardy, Ph.D.Professor and Founding Dean, Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University

To know what one values and to know why one responds to life's challenges, based on those values, is "To Know Thyself." Kelly Crace's means of finding one's values using his values assessment system is the most comprehensive look into one's values and why we act as we do that anyone lucky enough to be assessed by it will find to know him or herself. Use it and grow with it.

—James (Jay) E. Hughes, author, counselor-at-law, and consultant on multi-generational family governance. His most recent book is entitled, “Family: The Compact Among Generations.”

The LVI has proven itself to be one of the most significant instruments I use when working with organizations, teams and individuals. It is a powerful tool for defining culture while aligning the behaviors necessary to reach the desired state. It provides an objective and unique way to look at the common causes of stress and conflict in the workplace, at home and in one's personal life with the goal of moving towards greater awareness and understanding. The LVI helps people understand that Values are not simply thoughts or beliefs but rather choices we make in regard to where we place our energy.

—Joseph JudgePresident, Clear Possibilities

My experience of the LVI, having used it now in many client meetings over these last few years, is that it is a powerful tool to help participants define clearly and thoughtfully the values that drive their day to day lives. In addition, it gives people the information needed to prioritize and manage their lives better - it is a significant contribution to the lives of those who use it.

—Ellen M. Perryfounder and Managing Partner of Wealthbridge Partners, LLC

I have had the opportunity to experience the use of the LVI in several different settings - two in particular have yielded important results. Several years ago, the LVI was the foundation on which our Student Affairs Division built a day-long professional development program for all of our members. More recently, we made the decision to make the LVI available online to all the members of our campus community - students, parents, faculty, staff, even the members of our governing body. In both experiences the same results have occurred.

First the instrument clarifies for the user what his/her core values are. Next it helps the user place those values in the context of his/her life. Implicit in the experience is the understanding that integrity is achieved when ones' choices, decisions, and actions are congruent with one's values. By encouraging such self awareness and supporting more conscious decision-making based on the values each user identifies, the LVI has the potential of having a significant impact on personal development. Putting the instrument online has overcome many of the obstacles that often prevent students, in particular, from pursuing the kind of self-assessment the instrument encourages. Using the program on-line means it can be accomplished on their terms and in the medium in which they are already comfortable working.

We made the decision to offer the program to our entire university community because we believe that with an examined understanding of what a student or a staff member values and with encouragement for decision-making consistent with those values, some of the more harmful choices the younger members of our community often make can, and hopefully will, be avoided. In that regard the LVI has become an important, proactive outreach effort. And, judging by the use of the program so far, it has been very positively received.

—Sam Sadlerformer Vice-President of Student Affairs, College of William & Mary