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We are committed to advancing the understanding of values, personal development, and optimal living. We hope the online values assessment will be of interest to professionals for research purposes.

Guidelines for Researchers

  • There will be no charge for using the Life Values Inventory for approved research purposes. A clear description of the research must be provided with documentation of human subjects review and approval.
  • An IT specialist will work with you to establish subject access and data reporting. You will be provided with either a copy of the raw data or a summary report of the data in the format you prefer. Depending on the complexity of this process, there may be an additional charge for setup and/or data reporting. Any additional charges will be determined beforehand so that you can choose whether to use the program for your research. Additional electronic organizational and research reports may be generated upon request.
  • In return, we only ask for you to share your results and findings with us when your research is completed. We do not expect a share of authorship in any published research but will retain the raw data that is collected.
  • One of the benefits of using the Life Values Inventory for your research is that your subjects will have access to personalized values information and strategies for personal development. They will be able to continually access their information, even after the study is completed. This benefit can be used as an incentive for participation in your study.

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